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  • #13 – Jennifer Engbrecht on Teaching Music Outdoors + Citizen Science with the NCC

    Episode Notes Jennifer Engbrecht’s Twitter – Get involved in citizen science with the Nature Conservancy of Canada! Episode cover photo by Brendan Beale on Unsplash Find out more at […]

  • #12 – Place-Based Education: Interview with David Sobel

    Episode Notes David Sobel’s website Don’t forget to email me a short voice memo letting me know what your favourite interview, big takeaway, your Aha! moment from the past year […]

  • #11 – Risky Play – An Interview with Dr. Mariana Brussoni

    Episode Notes Resources Outdoor Play Canada Brussoni Lab – Dr. Mariana Brussoni’s Website Loose Parts Play Toolkit 2019 – Inspiring Scotland Risk-Benefit Assessment: A Canadian Toolkit Risk-Benefit Assessment Form […]

  • #10 – Evolutionary Psychology: When Ancestral Learning is Confronted with the Modern Classroom

    Episode Notes Links from today’s show: Dr. Peter Gray’s ‘The Wisdom of Hunter-Gatherers’ Annette Taylor’s Website – The Cavedweller Club Features in Psychology Today: Surviving Quarantine with a Smile Cellphones […]

  • #9 – The Queer Youth Camp Experience

    Episode Notes This episode, we take a look at the experience of queer youth at outdoor camps. With the help of Dr. Fenton Litwiller, Assistant Professor in the faculty of […]

  • #8 – Back to School 2020

    Episode Notes Today’s episode is a reflection on the upcoming school year. I’ll be back with more interviews later, but today’s episode is some food for thought as your prepare […]

  • #7 – 10 tips for teaching outside: An interview with Megan Zeni, the Classroom Gardener

    Episode Notes Check out the following links which we referred to during today’s interview with Megan Zeni, the classroom gardener. Megan’s 10 tips for teaching outside Megan Zeni’s Blog National […]

  • #6 – Small Steps: Start Small, Start Early

    Episode Notes On today’s episode, we speak with Wynnston Denny, a kindergarten teacher from Austin, TX, who tells us about how he started with small activities and built up to […]

  • #5 – Inclusion, Part 1 – Interview with Mikah Meyer

    Episode Notes Mikah Meyer’s Website Mikah’s Twitter Mikah’s Instagram Guide to Allyship At the end of today’s episode, you heard the song “Sum Of My Fears” by Dazie Mae. Find […]

  • #4 – Once Upon a Playground

    Episode Notes An interview with Emily Reid of Glasgow, Scotland’s Ecodrama theatre company to explore how imagination can bridge the gap for city school lacking access to nature. The ‘Out […]